Why EIUL Is Great For Tax Free Retirement?

By | April 10, 2011

No downward activities are observed with many of the benefits of EIUL, which are flexible payments, low price enduring life insurances, joined to a reserve market index and tax delayed increase of cash worth.

This system allows you to avail tax free death benefits, gives you special permission to set the policies according to your business and personal requirements for different loans. The major benefit of these policies is that you can take part in the investment to earn profits, without taking any chance to lose your investment, because you are not directly involved in the rising association of stock markets. A program named S and P 500 is commonly used to indicate the annual growth of profits or interest rates of payment values in equity directories and this policy is directly related to the tax free retirement.

The most significant aspect of EIUL is that the profits of amount, present in the account are increased at the rate of 15% with an increase in fundamental index growth, which is very high. In the years when the stock market value becomes lower, the amount of clients remains the same and no deduction is applied, thus it maintains the cash values of the current amounts equal to the older profits. For the tax free retirement, the policy of EIUL plays an important role, because people prefer policies in which chances of loss are less. There are some options that increase the chance of annual profits, if the clients maintained the account policies for a particular time-period.

EIUL is a lengthy tenure machine for the investments, as it doesn’t pay profits if the capital is invested for less time. You can take tax free retirement, if you have policies of life insurance, so you can avail the advantages after certain period of funding, by taking loans without any tax. Today, people are looking for investment options, in which no tax is applied on cash withdrawal joined with tax free increase in invested amounts.  So why don’t you apply for this opportunity?

If you are going to purchase certain insurance policies, then the status and working potential of the selected companies should be checked, because reliability and respect of the insurance companies is counted as important factor to invest the capital. There are different rating services that are useful to determine the economical status of the insurance companies and the reliability payments or funding, in case of the death of EUIL owners.  The working of the companies is also important to be considered, when estimating the total returns or rate of interest. You should review the annual activities of the insurance companies, in order to calculate the effectiveness of the policies by choosing the right guiding agents to assist you. The agility of the life insurance may be an advantage or disadvantage.

You should confirm the realities of rates and policies told by the advisors. The market value of your invested capital is not ensured, because of the fluctuations in the economical and financial conditions.

How does EIUL Actually Work – PART 1

By | April 10, 2011

No doubt the equity index annuities are present since decades, but life insurance in the markets has arrived after the emergence of equity index universal life (EIUL) insurance policies. Using EIUL premium policies allows you to make changes in the policies you purchased with the passage of time to increase the death tax free advantages, so you can set the premiums according to your financial conditions and requirements.  By using EIUL, you can take loans for many purposes, for example you can pay the charges of your premium status with the help of these loans and funding.

In equity index the amount of credited interest policies keeps the value of cash stable in the specific index that is S & P500, so if the performance of the index is good and it is moving upward, then your amounts will also increase; but if the performance of the index is poor, then it will affect the invested amounts saved for tax free retirement and the influence will be less.

Most systems claim that your invested amounts will not be affected if the market performance is poor, so there are fewer chances of money loss. They use certain rules to apply margins in your investments. These rules are often defined as inversely proportional to the decline of the market rates.

How does EIUL work?

Generally, there are two options present for the policy buyers, in which they can purchase such policies with low interest rates. The disadvantage of other types of policies is that they come with annual mark up payments or acquisition of risky life insurance policies, in which the rate of annual mark up is high with little or no guarantee for the protection of your cash value and the stability of your invested capitals.

Remember, EIUL provide you a chance to minimize the distance between these two options. The value of your cash will be linked with certain indexes in the policies of EIUL. Your cash will be higher, if the index is moving upward at the end of the year. You can get up to 2% confirmed interest rates, if the market rates and performance of the index are not increasing or going in loss. EIUL also offers you a tax free retirement policy, if you have a premium of life insurance. Remember the increase in index rates doesn’t mean that your invested cash will receive the full amounts, because many charges and fees are present there and you have to pay these charges in order to maintain the status of your good account standing.

Pros and cons of EIUL

One of the biggest benefits of the EIUL is the higher rates of interests on the deposited amounts, if compared with other conventional policies for tax free retirement. It also protects your cash in case of market deficits.

Now the disadvantages are in the fact that equity index offers are a little bit more risky than the conventional life insurance policies.

But again, the majority of options are better with EIUL, than with other traditional policies!

How does EIUL Actually Work – PART 2

By | April 10, 2011

Equity index universal life insurance provides its clients maintain their premiums and profits adjustable and modifiable in relation to the activity of the local stock markets. If you are looking for a tax free retirement and want to invest the pensions, salaries and insurance tax free, then you should buy the policies of EIUL. Your cash value of the invested amount is fixed with the financial index of the permanent life insurance policy. The policy will give you a definite amount of profits and account rate. You can enjoy the benefits of indexed investment and universal life insurance by combining the effects of these two benefits.  Most of the companies use the policy of S &P500 for the discussed index.

The policies of EIUL make a protective and strong base for the annual profit payments, so your money is saved and will never face loss. If the index is giving extraordinary performance then the clients can not enjoy the extra benefits that are not present in the policy paper.

There are many risks present with the policies of EIUL that the customers purchase due to flexibility. An increase of 4-6 percent is possible in the conventional polices of life insurance. According to the EIUL policy, you can gain the highest profits at the rate of 18 percent, but with other companies, in many years this rate doesn’t increase from 4 percent so returns remain low for most of the time.

Now how the insurance companies offer tax free retirement options by purchasing the policies and by investing in the index accounts?  To answer this question, you should know these companies are not directly involved in the index investments, so there are fewer chances for monitory authorities to determine the account history and total profits gained by the clients on the invested capitals. The clients invest their money in fixed interest investment, where the costs are less and protection is more.

There are some points that must be in the mind of regular clients of EIUL, if they want to compare the policies with other traditional ones.

  • Cap- calculating the maximum profits each year.
  • Rate of participation- rate of increase in profits, if the account is in positive condition.
  • Assets fee- how much fee will be charged from the basic index account’s activity?

The rates of cap are changing between the ranges of 10-14 percent. The guaranteed permanent growth is between 3-4 percent. The rate of participation varies from 60-135 percent and has a great impact over the annual increase of profits on the invested capitals. This condition is applicable if the policy holders have S & P500 policy.

All the insurance agencies help you get tax free retirement, because they told you legal and financial methods to save taxes and increase the productivity of your investment. The value of increased EIUL profits is compared with the starting rates every year. You should check the methods and policies, if you are planning to purchase any of those.

Does EIUL produce better returns than Mutual Funds and a 401K?

By | April 10, 2011

401k or IRA’S are also called tax delayed covers in the shared funding of EIUL and this is the basic subject of the discussion in this article.

Mutual Funds

The mutual funds should be discussed before further discussion. Mutual funds are formulated to decrease the chance of loss, because economists defined this as a possible variant for prevention. In the past time the mutual funds remained stable and created a bang in investment trends at Wall Street. We can also verify this with data, showing the behavior of people in investment, because we have a genuine data of two decades.

If we are talking about rich people, we have a complete record, in which most of it tells us how people became rich and what type of investment they had. These records are very clear for our mind. Mutual funds will cost less if the invested amounts are higher and they will also benefit the tax free retirement.


There are two main reasons for tax free retirement, being proposed by the government. First one is created to enhance the motivation to invest money. This policy was not designed only for the retired people, but it was also for the people who wanted to invest their pensions and national security. The second was to enhance the revenues by collecting taxes. Because of high returns and low reductions the 401K or IRA’s are the best policy rather than social security and other insurance policies, in which people are investing the capital to save their cash and returns.


There are two points of consideration for permanent life insurance that are cash worth and insurance point.  Cash has certain opportunities as you can use it in two directions, such as investment in stock markets and stable invested amount for insurance. The fixed point is equity index in which life insurance is fixed, but your invested amounts are also used in the stock markets. EIUL preserve the invested amounts by making a level, in which your cash will not decrease and will remain stable.

The amount of your invested capital will increase at the rate of 2% and 12% every year, so it is going up with the passage of time. You can estimate the appreciation value of your cash, by calculating the increase in the S & P 500 policy index each year. You can also take loans from your cash values to make equilibrium. These loans will not charge more than the profits paid by the companies in percentage. Tax free retirement also provides you a chance to get loans at cheaper interest rates against your policies, because tax implementation is not for the retired people. You are not required to pay the taxes and interest rates if your policy has a good standing position. If you are using this policy, then you have multiple options, in which you can return the loans before due date and can use your invested amounts at anytime.

Your cash value will not decrease, although it is based on the indexed rates. In addition, the cost of insurance will be low if you want to increase the value of your invested cash.

How safe is EIUL really?

By | April 10, 2011

The index S and P 500 is used for the determination of the value of your life insurance cash, which is permanent, so you can say it’s a kind of an equity index life insurance. The life insurance permanent policy regarding S and P 500 policies is more intricate than other forms of coverage. If you think that this coverage has the potential to fulfill your requirements, you will also benefit from finding some cheaper rates and policies for your permanent life insurance policy, because you know the working and functions of this policy.

There will be an increase in the invested amounts, if the index value is high and it is only possible with EIUL policy at the end of the year. The equity index ensures minimum profits if the rate of index is going down, but if it is going up then the profits will automatically expand, providing better opportunities for tax free retirement.

Caps, role of rates and fees of your assets are important factors that are responsible for the evaluation of life insurance in equity indexes and amounts that have been credited in this index.

The role of rates will determine the amounts credited and increase in the index in percentage; in addition, it will also tell you how much amount is remaining in your deposits.

Upward increase in the index will charge assets fees in percentage according to the deduction in the rate and amounts of index.

Caps define the highest increase after a year in your invested amounts and profits credited to your accounts.

EIUL policies have many advantages. The first and most significant benefit is that you can get higher rates of profits, as compared to other traditional life insurance policies. The threats of loss are always present, but EIUL presents policies in which your invested amounts remain stable and chances of loss are impossible, because in this policy the investments of the clients are not changed if the markets are going in a deficit.

But there is a big risk factor involved in the policies of the EIUL and this risk factor is a disadvantage for this type of policy, which is less in the conventional insurance policies. Most of the EIUL policies are flexible for the premium payments, insurance policies and survivorship life.

To check the advantages of equity index policies for you and your family, as well as whether the policies are apparently working well or damaging for your financial plans or life insurance, and a guarantee is comfortable for you, but you think that the cash value rates are very low, then you should consider EIUL tax free retirement to minimize the uncertainties.

Tax overdue payments, interest rates, protection of insurances, protecting cash value in the markets, are some of the best features of EIUL policies, after tax free retirement that should be considered to estimate the advantages of EIUL.

If you are going to buy some policies like equity index life insurance, then don’t go directly because you need proper search and guidance for this, as it is an important matter for your entire financial life.